Experiential Levels of Services Create Wow Customer Experiences
By: Theresa Syer

The Customer Experience happens when your entire workforce consistently delivers experiential levels of service at all touch points.  There are many benefits to your company including, customer loyalty, advocacy and increased spending.  In fact, delivering customer experiences is a great way to obtain organic growth and be able to differentiate your brand from the competition.  Organic growth is business growth that solely comes from pure loyalty from your customers.  It’s business you don’t have to solicit, pay advertising for, steal from the competition or buy the competition.  It costs you nothing but the benefits and the profits are huge.


So how do you change the mindset and get your entire team on board?  How do you get every employee, from customer facing positions to behind the scenes service and operation positions, to be truly focused on making emotional connections with your customers?  How do they anticipate your customer needs and intuitively deliver on them?  Employees have to shift their focus from simply completing the task at hand and instead focus on the experiential opportunities that present themselves for engaging your customers 


So where do you start?  You have to look at the big picture from the onset.  Identify the experience from your customer’s perspective and take the initiative to connect on an emotional level at all touch points.  This applies to all employees, in all departments (both customer facing and behind the scenes). 


10 Steps to Shift to Experiential Service:


  1. Prepare the soil.  Before you can put any processes in place, you need to explain the difference between good service (purely transactional) and a Customer Experience (purely emotional).  Explain that experiential levels of service include engaging and connecting with your customers on an emotional level and this creates Customer Experiences.  You need to get your team excited, peak their interest, and have them truly understanding emotional connection.

  2. Get the buy in from your leadership team.  Ensure they are clear on the benefits of emotional connections.  Work together to put a system in place that will achieve sustainability in executing experiential levels of service.

  3. Remind the leadership team that it’s equally important to engage both your employees (internal customers) as it is to engage your external customers.  In doing so, you’ll not only obtain customer engagement and loyalty but also employee engagement and loyalty.  

  4. Implement all staff (not only front facing positions) training sessions that share the knowledge and know how’s of how to connect and engage your customers on an emotional level.  This has to be done in addition to your standard operating procedure training.

  5. Ensure everyone is committed to Customer-Centricity.  The customer must be everyone’s priority and every employee needs to ensure the customer is never made to feel like an interruption or imposition.

  6. Encourage employees to share prompt and positive communication as well as one-on-one conversations with your customers to make them feel valued and appreciated.

  7. Empower and support your employees to make decisions with the best interest of the customer at heart.

  8. Provide employees with a framework to work within should service go wrong.  Be sure to give them the autonomy to own the situation.

  9. Set departmental goals and expectations in order to reach the desired state/outcome and have a measurement system in place.

  10. Reward and celebrate those employees who are delivering experiential moments.


Remem­ber, when your teams consistently deliver experiential levels of service that result in WOW Customer Experiences, your customers will become your brand evangelists.  Your business will benefit greatly from your customers loyalty, advocacy and increased spending.


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