You're an Engager...

Tips for Engaging at MDCE:

1. Check out our (new) 2018 speakers.

We have 11 brand new speakers to the 2018 MDCE. Every year the MDCE education team evaluates the feedback provided by dealers and chooses track session topics and speakers accordingly. Check them out here. 

2. Write out your goals and set a plan.

Set aside a few days before MDCE to make three goals for yourself. Find sessions through the website or the app that support those goals and plan out which you will be attending. Find someone to hold you accountable in your dealership and report back to your team all that you have learned.

3. Invest in organizations that invest in you.

The team behind the MDCE is a great place to start. Both organizations support your success as a dealer. Invest, participate and say yes to the things that will help you in 2019 and for the future. Visit us the MRAA in booth #500 and Boating Industry in booth #601. 

3. Have fun.

Start a conversation with a dealer you've never met, attend game night, and have fun!

Must-Do Items at MDCE:

Prioritize both keynotes

Participate in the Dealer Roundtables

Take content home to your team

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