Tues., Dec. 11th 

2:30 p.m.


Today’s Customer

Dealership Hiring

Managing Your Career

Relationship Selling

Pricing, Margins & Profits

P&A and the Internet

Technician Training

All Things Google

Video Marketing

Wed., Dec. 12th 

10:15 a.m.


Planning for 2019

Growing Staff into Leaders

Overcoming F&I Objections

Lead Management

Scheduling in Service

Customer Experience in Service

Facebook & Instagram

Marketing ROI & Budgets

The opportunity to brainstorm ideas, connect, and engage with dealers like yourself. A fan favorite, with new and improved moderators. 

What to expect: 

  • Discussion topics catered to the track sessions and workshops of the day

  • Advice, insight and opinions from dealers like yourself

  • A perspective changing experience that will positively impact the way you do business

  • An interactive and intuitive session filled with like-minded individuals experiencing the same things you do everyday

How to prepare:

  • Consider which topic interests you most based on the track sessions you visited that day

  • Identify one or two key questions that you'd like to ask your tablemates.

  • Consider these:​

    • The #1 question you'd like answered

    • What strategies work and do not work in your business

    • Your biggest challenge or opportunity​

Dealer Insights

Paul Silansky

Strong’s Marine

I liked the round table discussions. Just 8-10 people on a subject, exchanging where they are at. Being able to share your best practices was productive.

Brandon Caffrey

Lynnhaven Marine

This was my first time going.
I went mainly for the educational seminars. The round tables were a huge help. It’s nice to bounce ideas off each other.

Bob Culp

Spend-A-Day Marina

It was a wonderful experience.
I enjoyed the round table discussions. It’s always nice to hear what other dealers are doing or not doing.

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