You're a Discoverer...

Tips for discovering all there is to discover at MDCE:

1. Explore the app.

The app is a great place to connect with other dealers, vendors, and educators. The app also allows for you to do a deep dive into what track sessions are taking place when and how to get around.


2. Take a deep breath and attend everything.

This may be your first time at MDCE, and much like yourself, we have 11 brand new speakers to the 2018 MDCE. Every year the MDCE education team evaluates the feedback provided by dealers and chooses track session topics and speakers accordingly. Check them out here

3. Peruse the exhibitor list and plan for meetings.

If you're looking for a new product or service to help with your day-to-day operations, the Expo Hall is a great place to do so. Between the app and the exhibitor list, you can plan ahead which vendors you'd like to meet with before heading to MDCE.

Must-Do Items at MDCE:

Attend Pre-Conference Workshops

Walk the Expo Hall

Attend Educational track sessions

Dealer-To-Dealer Roundtables

Attend all Networking Events

Complete a commitment to improvement form at the MRAA Booth, #500

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