Need some help increasing sales?

Here are track session recommendations to learn how to grow sales in your dealership:

Buyer’s Risk: Why It Matters and How to Manage It 

with Jim Ackerman

Rethink Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in the Digital Age

with Marcus Sheridan

Gain a Trust Edge Over the Competition

with David Horsager

Improve Revenue, Efficiency and CSI with an Active Delivery Process

with David Foco

Tuesday, Dec. 11

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Topic: Lead Performance

with Bob McCann

Tuesday, Dec. 11

3:15 - 4:15 PM

Topic: Digital in the Sales Process

with Rich Delancey

Build Trust or Die in the New Economy

with David Horsager

Optimize Sales Lead Performance for Maximum Return

with Bob McCann

Monday, Dec. 10

6:00 - 7:00 PM

Topic: Evolution of Marketing

with Marcus Sheridan

Implement Digital into Your Sales Process

with Rich Delancey

*Note: The Learning Lab is first-come, first-served. Sign up in the Expo Hall immediately upon arriving. Spots fill quickly!

Sales Attribution: The Secret Sauce Behind Smart Marketing and Bigger Profits

with Evan Davis




Maybe you are looking for better ways to track your teams sales, or just manage your team in general. In the Expo Hall, you'll find partners looking to help make your processes seamless and help your dealership run like a pro.




Here from other dealers about how they handle workforce issues in their own dealership, or offer up your own perspectives! What better way to learn, then through your peers. 

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