To attend or not attend? Let's go through the 7-step Decision-Making Process.

September 21, 2018

According to science making a decision is a 7-Step process. Let’s say that’s true for deciding whether to attend MDCE or not. But really, it shouldn’t be that hard. The answer is yes. To humor you and ourselves, we’ll empower you with the information to make this decision, step…by…step…


Step 1: Identify the Decision

  • Not attend MDCE (Not probable)

  • Attend MDCE (Probable)

  • Attend and bring teammates along (strongest probability)


Step 2: Gather relevant information

  • Like world-class education? >  

  • Like in-depth workshops? >

  • Like Dealer-to-Dealer Roundtable discussions for moving the industry forward by working through obstacles and opportunities with other dealers? >

  • Like the current MDCE schedule, event list, educational line-up, and a grand list of testimonials both written and spoken?


Step 3: Identify the alternatives

  • None?

  • Name something bigger, more dynamic and beneficial than MDCE


Step 4: Weigh the evidence

  • We went out and hired super-secret personal detectives to investigate the MDCE, this is what they said:

JK we didn’t hire fake detectives, these are REAL people, REAL attendees and these are their stories:


Step 5: Choose among alternatives

  • The alternative: sit at home in your dealership while your competitors better themselves for 3 days straight

  • The alternative: sit at home in your dealership and listen to customers complain that you don’t have the ZL-4 in electric blue.

    • PS: we have the tools to manage situations like this like the customer-centric dealership that you are and should be.

    • PPS: ZL-4 is not a real boat model, we googled it and Jay-Z came up.

These may be great, but how cool would it be to step away, engage with world-class education, connect with over 1,000 attendees looking to make the industry the best it can be and discover your dealership’s true potential?


Step 6: Take action


  • Or keep reading and then register


Step 7: Review your decision and its consequences

  • You go, meet new people, gain new insights and learn a ton to help your dealership be successful in 2019.

  • You don’t go and you risk asking yourself what you could have been if you had attended.


After all this reading, was it worth it? Or was your decision made before you even read the list? We think you probably knew you were meant to attend and the answer is yes. Yes, to engaging with the opportunities offered at the MDCE to challenge and drive you and your dealership to improvement. Yes, to connecting with dealers and partners that will change the way you view your dealership. Yes, to discovering what you and your dealership can do in 2019 and beyond.


See you there.



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