Using Technology & Metrics to Rocket Your Sales
By: Kirk Armstrong



Technology has been a wonderful addition to doing business, particularly with salespeople.  We can get information to others instantaneously, can get immediate feedback (when done properly) and we can be more organized than ever before.  For prospecting purposes, it appeared to be the answer to what most salespeople were looking for, a tool that would garner faster responses.  Unfortunately, with the faster speeds and ease of sending messages came inundation.  We are inundated with countless emails, texts and social media notifications.  If you’re like me, once I’ve detected that a sales message snuck through my spam filter, it immediately gets deleted.  This makes it very difficult for even the best salespeople to get noticed.  Once they detect that you might be trying to sell them, it’s over – deleted.


So, what can be done about it?  We will be discussing how to use email, texting, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram in order to get responses from prospects.  As an example, let’s look at getting replies from prospects when sending an email:


Using Email to Sell More – Content Sample!

Looking at what most salespeople email during the quoting process, and it typically sounds quite “salesy”.  As example, some common phrases, that we do not recommend are, “Call me if you have any questions”, “let me know” and “Thanks for the opportunity”.  Ugg.  11,894 salespeople just sent out a message to a prospect with one of these phrases.  Guarantee it.


If we sound like everyone else out there, we lose credibility.  We all look the same.  Also, by saying things like, “let me know” you are sending an invitation to do nothing!  Look at it in your personal life.  You tell a friend, “let me know if you want to go golfing”.  How I read this is, if you want to go, call me.  If you don’t, doing nothing is acceptable.  See the problem?  No commitment.  All we did was create an easy way for the prospect to avoid us and delayed a potential decision from them.


Other examples of phrases that are way over used, will have you looking like everyone else, and that we will cover in our MDCE Session:

  • “Following up” - cliche

  • “Hoping we could” - begging

  • “Curious if you are” – communication crutch

  • “It was great to meet you” – filler language

  • “Reaching out” - cliche

  • “Wanted to connect” – like everyone else

  • “I wanted to” – self-serving


Again, my guess is that there are thousands upon thousands of salespeople using language like this every single day in their correspondences with prospects.  If it’s you, there are alternatives, which we will cover in our session titled, “Using Technology to Sell More.”


In our session, “Use Key Performance Indicators to Rocket Your Sales”, we will be talking about the importance of knowing more about your sales process.  Don’t count emails and texts into your prospecting numbers.  Sales has always been, and will always be a face-to-face profession.  Hiding behind your computer could cost you dearly.  Relationships, expressions, reactions and the ability to read others will always be important.  Use technology as a tool, but “keep all of your faucets on”.  Meaning, keep setting face-to-face appointments, keep “live” networking with others, go to events, meet for lunch and build alliances. 


In this session, we will be talking about what types of activities to track, how to track them and then how to use them to rocket your sales.  If you don’t yet have the perfect formula for your selling process, you may be “bowling through a curtain”.  You may hit some pins, but you sure don't know how many you hit and what to aim at next.  We will be turning this intellectual topic into an emotional one as participants learn, perhaps for the very first time, what an all-star sales process looks like and how to track their results.


Join us at these two sessions – we’d love to see you there!


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