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Attend MDCE

Susan Duquette

Lakeview Marine, Inc.

"The conference is a great way to reset your focus. It is great to meet and talk with other dealers from around the country who deal with the same challenges as you do, and you can pick up tips and ideas for dealing with these challenges you may not have thought of before. For someone in our exact industry, it is a wonderful resource. It is very specific to boat dealers and because of that, most of the content is completely relevant."

Ernie Ewing


“They knocked it out of the park. I went down there thinking people were over-exaggerating about how great it is. They weren’t. I was very pleased with the level of knowledge that was there.”

Brad MacArthur

Legend Boats

“We get so much out of it. We’ve been there forever and we’ll always be back.”

Tom Reid

Payne Marine

"We haven't been since it was in Las Vegas and this one was phenomenal."

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